"A dream you dream together is reality."

I'm Katie, but some people call me Kate.

How it started…

After I graduated with a degree in psychology I worked at a detox clinic and spent a lot of my free time creating art with my camera. This creative time was my outlet; it gave me time to decompress and help process my daily interactions. I thought my calling was to become a certified counselor, but as time went on I longed for something more. I soon made the connection that I can use my talent to help bring happiness into many peoples’ lives. Fast forward six years and here I am, connecting with people through the art of photography, and helping people appreciate what life has given them thus far while documenting some of life’s greatest milestones.

The quirky side…

I’m an INFJ through and through. I get a lot of joy from helping and connecting with people.

An intimate dinner party with friends and family and getting lost in deep, meaningful conversation is my love language. Family and close friends mean everything to me, and I'm blessed to have the people I do in my life.

I have a moo-cat named Thaddeus. I take him for leisurely walks on a leash, and for some odd reason the neighbors look the other direction and try not to make eye contact.

I'm sarcastic but always in a lighthearted way.

Traveling makes my heart happy; especially when I'm accompanied by my other half, Mike. We both hope to someday explore Iceland’s beautiful countryside.

I’m indecisive when it comes to choosing between wine and a good craft beer, but if you offer me gin, well, gin takes the cake (Hendrick's all the way!).

If I could eat one thing every day it would be nachos with extra jalapenos. I have a mild addiction to spicy food.

The photographer side…

I thrive on personally connecting with clients and photographing something new, especially when challenged by unique architecture or natural landscapes. I enjoy anything from a small, backyard wedding where a couple is surrounded by their closest family members and friends, to a more modern city wedding with an upbeat vibe. From breathtaking landscapes to vast city skylines I’m inspired by it all.

Creating something that’s beautiful and a true representation of you is what I strive to do, and this is why my art reaches beyond awkward poses and forced smiles. If you're a person who is drawn to photographs that portray natural interactions, intimate moments, and genuine smiles, and who will allow yourself to be vulnerable and show me who you are, then I know we'll be a splendid match.

Take a few moments to look around my site, check out the blog, take a peek at my portfolio, and when you’re ready, contact me through the book now tab so we can start a conversation and begin planning your photography adventure.

Image courtesy of April Zelenka

Frequently Asked Questions


Engagement sessions typically take one to two hours, and we can go to multiple locations and incorporate different outfits. If you want variety, I'd suggest sticking with two-three different locations and outfits. You will achieve different looks but you won't be overwhelmed trying to cram too much into the session.


A first look is where the couple decides to see each other before the ceremony. This moment is never rushed and couples seem to enjoy the downtime before the day's events start. I always suggest keeping the first look between just the two of you and me on the sideline (let's be real, I'm probably being one with nature and tucked in a bush). I like to put my long lens on so the pressure is off and you two can enjoy your time together.

First looks also help timelines run smooth. We can get a lot of the formal photos checked off so the two of you can enjoy cocktail hour with your guests, or spend some extra time in the evening doing sunset portraits.


A lot! It's hard to put an exact number on this because every wedding is different. Some couples incorporate more details; some couples have larger families, etc. I typically average around 50-70 photos an hour shooting solo, so if you book one of my wedding packages you can expect a minimum of 300 fully edited photos. It's fairly common for me to deliver around 500 or more photos for an 8 hour wedding.


I enjoy photographing couples who are madly in-love, and couples who view their wedding as a special day to celebrate their love and commitment to one another. I enjoy photographing tears of happiness, genuine smiles, warm embraces, the details you've worked tirelessly on, the bride sipping mimosas with the girls, and the groom playing it cool with the guys.

Of course I adore carefully crafted details and the beauty that resides in architecture, but if you're asking me to be completely honest, I'll admit, I'd take photographing genuine emotion and connection over fancy table spreads and decadent details any day. It's who I am and what I value.




I sure do. I photograph weddings all across Wisconsin and I'm always game to hop on a plane and fly to your dream destination. I keep a valid passport so if you're looking at locations outside of the United States I can make it happen.

Chicago travel $600
Midwest travel $800
Outside Midwest $1200

*If your wedding takes place within 50 miles from Lodi, WI there is no travel charge.
For weddings held in WI but beyond 50 miles there is a modest charge and I will provide a custom quote based on the location.

**Custom travel quotes provided for international travel.


If we connect as people and if you appreciate the art of photography and value good photographs, then I'd be willing to bet we'll be a good match. In order to book, I require a signed contract along with a 50% deposit to hold your date. My bookings happen on a first-come-first-serve basis and I typically book out as far as a year.


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